Open source software thrives on people’s contributions. Thank you for considering contributing to the MorphoCut project!

Bug Reports

Bug reports are very important! Have a look at the GitHub issues to confirm that the bug hasn’t been reported before.

Code Contributions

Steps for Submitting Code

GitHub Pull Requests are the expected method of code collaboration on this project.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Fork the repository on GitHub.

  2. Run the tests and make sure that they all pass on your system.

  3. Write tests that demonstrate your bug or feature. Ensure that they fail. (This is called test-driven development.)

  4. Make your change.

  5. Run the entire test suite again, ensuring that all tests pass including the ones you just added.

  6. Write meaningful commit messages.

  7. Send a GitHub Pull Request to the main repository’s master branch. Your contribution will then be reviewed.

Code style

The repository contains a .vscode/settings.json.default file that contains the required settings. Use it as a starting point if you’re developing in VS Code.

Documentation Contributions

Documentation is a very important part of this library and improvements are very welcome! It lives in the docs/ directory and is written in reStructuredText. We use Sphinx to generate the full suite of documentation. napoleon is used to interpret the docstrings.